Smithin Family

The Smithin family can be traced to Pershore around 1600. It is a rare surname and they are all part of one family.

Before 1600 the family name was Smithsend and we have details of the Smithsends from about 1400. They lived around Tewekesbury and several branches carried on with surname Smithsend but with the Smithins it seems to have gradually changed from Smithsend to Smithin.

There are two main branches; those living in Birlingham and those who lived in Stoutlton. There are modern descendants of both these branches.

Benjamin Smithin & Elizabeth Woodward - descendants  John Smithin & Harriet Harris - descendants

Smithin family in Birlingham

Smithin family in Stoulton

Birlingham  Severn Stoke  Cleeve Prior Can(n)adine, Rus(h)grove, Oxley, Curtis, Smithin - Family trees